Our Vision

"Sharing energy captured from Poole Harbour with the community of Poole".

The energy needs of Poole are significant. However this highly predictable source of power is literally on our doorstep. There are innovative devices available which can capture some of that renewable energy source and transform it into usable forms for the benefit of our community.

A study of tidal power around the Dorset coast traversed the mouth of Poole Harbour. However, the survey took no notice of the opportunities for using the water within the harbour. Those of us who try and fight the tide in small boats know its power, especially at the entrance, and at the mouth of Holes Bay and Lychett Bay.  Buoy

Poole Harbour is a jewel on the south coast and the second largest natural harbour in the world; loved for boating, wildlife, a commercial port, a holiday destination and surrounded by nature reserves, and outstanding beauty. Any scheme for capturing energy from the harbour will need to be sensitive to these competing demands.

Poole Tidal Energy Partnership is keen to work with everyone in the local area to make the most of the natural resource that flows right around our busy town; in harmony with the valued leisure, wildlife and commercial activities of Poole.